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Marines Wounded Warrior Program

Fly Tying Classes, Casting Clinics & Fly Fishing

GSF has recently had the priviledge to conduct weekly Fly Tying classes at the Marines Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton. All of the Marines involved in these classes are recovering from wounds sustained in combat and I must say they are ready for anything. By the second week we needed to step up our program to meet the needs and interest of these gung-ho Marines.

GSF has assembled outstanding fly tying kits for the first ten Marines to participate in this program. With help from sponsoring businesses such as Eagle Creek, Griffin Vices, Dr. Slick, Danville Chenille and Bob Marriots, we have been able to assemble the tools and materials necessary to jump start this program at a very reasonable cost.

I want to thank all of the volunteer instructors who have given of their time and materials to help pull this class together. With each class we have had more than a one to one ratio of instructor to student thanks to the volunteers involved. To date our instructors have been Chuck Watreman, Frank Kawasaki, Rod Hendrickson, Steve Piper, Mike Russo, Skip Price, Chuck Loudat, Brad Fenton, Sandi Jacobson, Mark Utter, Joe Hall.

We are still in need of materials as these classes are provided solely by the resources of GSF and our participating sponsors. If you have materials, time or cash you would like to donate to this great opportunity to serve we would greatly appreciate your involvement.

Please contact Joe Hall at for more information.

This is a great opportunity for us and we want to thank all of you for supporting GSF and making this possible.