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TU Opposes Bill to Repeal San Joaquin River Settlement

A Letter to members of the Committee on Natural Resources:

From Steve Moyer, TU's Vice President for Government Affairs

February 16, 2012

Re: Trout Unlimited opposes HR 1837, the “San Joaquin Valley WaterReliability Act

Trout Unlimited (TU) opposes the amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 1837, scheduled for mark up in your  committee today, which repeals the San Joaquin River settlement signed by TU and many other parties. That settlement ended nearly 20 years of litigation over San Joaquin River flows and salmon populations.Support for the San Joaquin River restoration is broad and bipartisan, and includes water users, farmers, the State of California, federal and state agencies,and conservation groups. H.R. 1837 as amended would also rewrite the Central Valley Project Improvement Act to repeal protections for fish and wildlife and preempt California water quality and water right protections for instream beneficial uses, including our State constitutional protection for fisheries, navigation and commerce. This effort to impose a Congressional override of state law is unwarranted and unwise. For these reasons, and because the bill would cause unfair and substantial harm to commercial and recreational fishermen and the businesses, restaurants, and communities that depend on them, we urge you to reject the bill.