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Sustain - TU California Education Programs

Sustain is the last phase of TU’s new conservation framework. In a comprehensive, multi-year watershed conservation plan, Sustain represents a contractual agreement between local, state and sometimes federal agencies to help keep whatever was just successfully built—intact & protected that way. Future meetings will be held to monitor the project, how things are going, etc. Conservation is never really done...

Sustain, in another sense, is just the beginning. To sustain such concepts as fish conservation or stream restoration for all species or water rights/hydro power reform for the next generation, you have to build the avenues and bridges to those future citizens.

Start in an elementary classroom with breeding & hatching trout eggs. Learn how to tie a fly and actually catch a fish on a fly made 2 hours ago? Or, celebrate in a community-based festival dedicated to preserving wild steelhead trout in their native historic range. These are TU grassroots programs can be developed in any community regardless of size or demographics.

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Visit your local chapter, council or contact us how you might want to get involved.