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Restore - TU California Restoration Projects

Restoration projects have always been the bread-and-butter of TU’s volunteer forces and, the most visible. In 39 states, with over 140,000 members, chapters and councils band together with local resource agencies, community based groups and area scientists to restore and rebuilt habitat for native fish on hundreds of projects totaling thousands of volunteer hours each year.

Restoration, if done in sequence, is essentially phase 3 of 4 of any given long-term watershed conservation plan. If the goals of Protect have been accomplished as well as Reconnect, then Restore naturally follows.

Restoration does something else, however, besides help our salmonoids. A successful project has the ability to get a volunteer of the present or next generation, out in a watershed in their backyard. Maybe it is their first time ever, walking around in that creek. And, maybe, just maybe, that first-time volunteer will realize that this beautiful creek has potential and is worth saving. Saving it not only for the fish but also for all other native species.

It has been repeated often that a trout or a salmon is like a canary in a
mineshaft. They are called an indicator species, sensitive to adverse change
in their environment. When the fish decrease in numbers, so goes the
degradation of the watershed. It is up to us humans to turn that around.

Please read about our successful on-going restoration projects. They are truly our grassroots’ “products” and we take great pride in their ownership. We urge you to get involved; surface an issue to your local chapter or staff, come out to a meeting, see & hear what’s going on in your local watershed and how you can make a contribution.