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Reconnect - TU California Conservation Programs

The Reconnect aspect of coldwater watershed protection may be one of the most contentious in years to come, especially in California and the West.

Long-terms droughts, increased water demands and aging hydropower structures have taken their toll on fish populations all over the Western U.S.

Scientists now say it is the fish’s ability to move up and down in a watershed’s system that enables it to spawn and/or to avoid threats as fire, flooding and higher water temperatures. Without that ability for mobility and fresh, cool clean water, sustainable salmonoid populations are at great risk.

Please read on about our hydropower reform initiatives and coastal reconnect projects. Imagine a California river flowing uninterrupted from mountain to sea. And,
“...coho so plentiful, you could walk across the creek on their backs..."
(Russian River, Sonoma County, 1950’s)

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