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Protect - TU California Projects

Trout Unlimited (TU) is a national leader in coldwater fishery and watershed protection programs, celebrating its 50th year in summer 2009.

But, environmental threats and issues are looming like never before. From off-road vehicles to mining to development in public lands, California has many challenges in preserving its watersheds, from the headwaters in the mountains, right down to the river mouths emptying in the ocean.

TU is addressing these threats & issues by employing a new conservation framework. Broken down, the framework will consist of these subjects, which tie all parts of a watershed together; Protect, Reconnect, Restore and Sustain.

The headwaters of most coldwater salmonoid fisheries originate at higher elevations
on public lands. Our California staff has full time advocates working on enacting & supporting legislation and advocacy both at the state and federal level to help protect these ‘last, best places’ for the sake of the fish and out next generation.

Please read on about our Sportsman’s Conservation project. Envision your favorite wilderness area, unspoiled creek.

Think of what it may become if not protected...