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Field & Stream Best Wild Places: Part One, Meiss Meadows.

High in the Sierra, one of the rarest subspecies of cutthroat trout hangs on in a harsh, austere environment. Here, where feeder creeks to the famous Lake Tahoe meander through high-country meadows, some of the last remaining populations of Lahontan cutthroat swim. By protecting this habitat, Trout Unlimited hopes to keep this important stock of native trout intact, both as a recreational resource and as a potential brood stock for future restoration work that involves these rare fish.

This past fall, TU staff members Dave Lass and Dave Stalling ventured into the Meiss Meadows and Caples Creek area to produce a three-part series for Field & Stream's "Last Wild Places" series. By following the link below, you can read part one. Please take time to comment and help generate interest in protecting these special, wild places!