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About Us

Trout Unlimited - National

Trout Unlimited is the leading trout and salmon conservation group in the U.S., with over 140,000 members in 38 states and 400+ grassroot volunteer-based chapters. Based in Arlington, VA, it is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees, a grassroots board and a National Leadership Council with a representative from each state. Working together, they provide a powerful strategic plan for watersheds and fisheries throughout the continental U.S. and Alaska. California National staff are based out of a main office in Berkeley as well as satellite offices throughout the state.

Trout Unlimited of California (TUCA)

Trout Unlimited of California represents the 10,000+ subscriber-based members with 7 active chapters in CA and an eight member state council board made up from those chapters. Our mission is similar to the National organization but at a more 'roots-based' level. The council and chapters work together, supporting each other to focus in on various local and regional issues from a bottom-up viewpoint and then direct our resources to address those issues. Council meetings are held 3x per year in different locations throughout the state. State projects the last couple of years include the first-ever Healdsburg Wild Steelhead Festival in Sonoma County, a community-based restoration project on the Santa Ynez River in Buelton and our long-running Golden Trout Project in the southern Sierras. In addition, TUCA reviews and signs on to important conservation legislation and advocacy efforts; all for the sake of saving our salmonoids.