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AB 1189

AB 1189: Cal Trans required to re-address fish barriers

The CA Council (TUCA) has signed on to an important pending state bill that would close loopholes in regards to CalTrans in its responsibilities on fish barriers on state and federal roads.Since the passage of SB 857 in 2005, which initially outlined CalTrans' duties, many roads still have barriers to anadromous fish passages that are not being addressed.

Specifically, AB 1189 would define the following;

--define 'fish barrier'

--detail what info CalTrans must include in its already required annual report on fish passge barriers

--state that CalTrans must perform an assessment of barriers at each site where it is using state or federal funds for transportation maintainance

--states that CalTrans shall work with DFG to identify high priority streams and habitat near barriers and submit a report to the legislature by 2010

--states that CalTrans shall use stimulus funds for fish passage to the extent permitted by federal law

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