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Fish Stocking Fish Stocking Moratorium Dec. 2008

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) was ordered by a federal court to cease stocking trout, steelhead and salmon in selected sites until a comprehensive Environmental Report (EIR) was complied and reviewed. This lawsuit was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Pacific Rivers council on concerns of the possible extinction of select native fish and amphibians due to inadequate stocking management.

While some 180 sites will be banned from receiving stocked fish, over 80% of the total, roughly 770 sites, will still be stocked in 2009.

There undoubtedly will be an economic impact in communities who depend on anglers who fish these ‘put’ and take’ sites for 2009. And, DFG fish stocking will also be undoubtedly more scrutinized in the future. 

For those of us in the fish conservation community as well as anglers of all philosophies; let us hope this short-term action forces DFG and its policies to employing a more long-term, comprehensive stocking management approach that factors better protection for native fish & amphibians in their historic ranges.