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Fish Crisis Report Nov. 2008

In a report sponsored by Cal Trout and others, Dr. Peter Moyle of UC Davis, one of the leading experts on CA trout and their watersheds, published a comprehensive report on the status of salmonoids in CA. All the facts show there is a definite slide in the health of our fish. So much, in fact that, in 100 years from now, up to 65 to 80% of  California’s trout, steelhead and salmon species will be considered extinct.

” The southernmost populations of salmon, steelhead, and trout, uniquely adapted to California’s climatic regime, are in deep trouble.”... “Bringing these fish back from the brink of extinction will not be easy but it is possible, thanks to the inherent adaptability of California’s salmonids to changing conditions. However, the growing threats of climate change and increasing human populations, with increases in water use and in intensity of land use, will need to be addressed. In the long run, restoring fisheries for most species, however, will require reducing or at least not increasing human impacts on the California landscape.” (Dr. Moyle) 

This is a startling report and a wake up call to all. Water issues promise to be the number one threat to fish in the coming years.